Monday, March 8, 2010

Greek GOD - Black Rubber Surface - Jewelry DISPLAY - Art Fair

In this listing a destash "Greek God" display bust. Thinking that he may be Roman, but a friend indicated the "Greek's were all about their GODS, and the Roman's just thought they were!"

Used as a jewelry and pendant display for juried art fairs that I attended with my "crudeco" business.

He's rather handsome and supports himself effortlessly. He's been coated in a permanent black rubber compound that allows for your necklaces to hang from his neck without sliding forward. His curly mane supports a pendant as well. The black rubber surface was perfect for me, but easily could be painted to suit your booth display style. A paper mache technique would be lovely on this guy.

He weighs an even 8.5 pounds (plastic form) and has a wide supportive base measuring at 6", 17" tall from base to curly hair top, 12" wide at the chest, 18" around those curly locks and 28" around at that sumptuous chest.

The second image was taken outside, full sun. Other four inside full daylight.

Total shipping weight 10 pounds, sent Parcel Post, wrapped and padded.