Saturday, March 17, 2012

etsy thread reply

 Reply to a thread on etc about babysitting and friend verses employe status.
Original post made reference to the fact she'd become friend with her 'baby sitter" and was disappointed that she had changed the venue of where she watched the posters child while work was being done in her home.


Reluctant from the beginning to enter here........

now that I read the entire rant I want to squeeze your nose off with my index and pointer finger and reverse that image to show you your own nose.



She replied next comment....Um, hummm,
She didn't have a clue that she'd been dis respectful or that her demands for a in-home sitter/cleaning person were obtuse. 

Monday, January 23, 2012

crudeco etsy

My first year here on etsy I received numerous compliant laid-en convo's regarding my use of recycled leather from fellow vegan-minded folk. At first I didn't take much concern about the convo's. Until I was told that my shop would be boycotted by the 'team vegan folk'.

The handmade gift boxes I made and tried to sell on my first born etsy, were not selling. Thus, I developed a sock-puppet account of 'ecovintagevegan', account is still open. I was surprised at how fast the etsy vegan public accepted eco. Even with a declaimer clearly described in my policy's, that I was the shop owner of both entities - as required by etsy law.. I began to be greeted fondly by vegan and veggie minded folk, people who openly stated that they were vegan and how much they appreciated that I was too.

This month I moved all my inventory from eco to crudeco. I don't see the need to pretend to be something I'm not in order to shlepp my handmade products.......but I wasn't very pleased about being boycotted, receiving the threat of being boycotted or the idea that that action could possibly happen.

Sure I contacted all the admin powers that be. And was given the same 'statement' of fact to avoid 'said' boy-cotters convo's and not to exchange convo with them.