Monday, January 23, 2012

crudeco etsy

My first year here on etsy I received numerous compliant laid-en convo's regarding my use of recycled leather from fellow vegan-minded folk. At first I didn't take much concern about the convo's. Until I was told that my shop would be boycotted by the 'team vegan folk'.

The handmade gift boxes I made and tried to sell on my first born etsy, were not selling. Thus, I developed a sock-puppet account of 'ecovintagevegan', account is still open. I was surprised at how fast the etsy vegan public accepted eco. Even with a declaimer clearly described in my policy's, that I was the shop owner of both entities - as required by etsy law.. I began to be greeted fondly by vegan and veggie minded folk, people who openly stated that they were vegan and how much they appreciated that I was too.

This month I moved all my inventory from eco to crudeco. I don't see the need to pretend to be something I'm not in order to shlepp my handmade products.......but I wasn't very pleased about being boycotted, receiving the threat of being boycotted or the idea that that action could possibly happen.

Sure I contacted all the admin powers that be. And was given the same 'statement' of fact to avoid 'said' boy-cotters convo's and not to exchange convo with them.

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