Thursday, March 24, 2011

Crocheted WINDOWS - White On White - Christening Blanket

 In 2009, I added crocheted "Window" blanket to my Crude Company etsy shop. A pattern I learned form my Mother during a visit to her house in Kansas. My Mother doesn't quite remember where she learned this pattern, only that she's been making and crocheting with this pattern for 50 years. At 72 years old she not only whips out this crochet technique but she also tats "sir names" in white and cream colors then frames them in shadow box frames for close friends and family.

The enjoyment of creating crochet items comes easy for her, and crocheting also helps her rebuild strength in her arms from her first radical mastectomy and the subsequent second surgery three years later. To date my Mother has had seven operations to remove cancer form her body. She has been a pillar of life force for me and a woman who inspires me daily.

I share this pattern with my etsy customers, please do not resale the pattern or items created with this pattern online.