Saturday, November 27, 2010

Natural Landscape - Tiger Iron - Pendant

In this listing, from my own lapidary shop, one fabulous thick Tiger Iron pendant, finished simply and crudely, but wrapped securely in 12 carat 20 gauge round gold wire.

Laid out nicely to show the natural landscape of the stone family of Tiger Eye and hematite. The pendant is completed with 2mm brown rubber strap and a vintage wooden button clasp, with a neck length of 16.5 inches.

The Tiger Iron weighs 100 grams, measures 3 1/8 inches wide, 2 1/4 inches tall and 5/8 inch thick. This isn't a wimpy stone. But hey! Your neck haul around tens pounds of head every day, what's another ounce or two?

"Tiger Iron can help one to become practical and of discrete mind, as well as more grounded. It can eliminate the “blues” and can bring brightness and optimism to the user. It also assists in providing insight to those issues which induce internal mental battles, delivering one from the “horns of dilemma” and the conflicts associated with willful pride. It further prompts the admiration for the pure and beautiful, allowing ones life, and ones passion for life, to open and to blossom.” Reference guide: Melody – Love Is In The Earth

The pendant will arrive in a handmade gift box, sent Parcel Post or First Class or if funds allow Priority Mail.

Vintage Glass And Ceramic Shards - Pendant - Vegan Friendly

From the second born etsy shop of crudeco....ecovintagevegan.

In this listing one drop shard pendant. Five glass/pottery shards wrapped in 20 gauge sterling silver round wire, completed with 2mm sky blue rubber cord, four lamp work beads made from recycled Idaho Prairie Glass and a vintage plastic and cloth button clasp. Button is buttoned on the left to allow the shards and glass to lay as designed against the chest.

From left to right viewing:
aqua porcelain canning lid shard, dark green ceramic Roseville shard, white ceramic plate shard(center), vintage rosette plate shard, and another aqua porcelain canning lid shard. Neck length 16". Shards measures in at 1 1/8" up to the center shard at 2", descending smaller as the shards go back.

In my travels and rock digging I often find and un-earth shards of depression glass, elixir bottles and ceramic shards. Often the ceramic shards come from Silver City, where a friend has property. The Idaho Prairie Glass and Amethyst glass is obtained all over the Western/Southern States, similar to its cousin "sea Glass" it also is trash glass. After stabilizing each piece is wrapped and made into eco friendly jewelry.

Drop pendant will be sent in a handmade gift box, shipped Priority Mail, First Class or parcel time for the holiday celebrations.