Tuesday, September 28, 2010

New Hampshire's Autumn Landscape

In this listing 16 hand made, hand built gift boxes for your baby shower party. Made from 12 x 12 inch scrap booking card stock and die-cast stock shapes. Themed autumn colors and patterns with glitter and embossing, bottoms recycled fiber core. Strong, sturdy and chuck them across the room tight.

This is a eco-friendly design and the construction is so simple. Each box measures 4 x 4 x 2" and 6" corner to corner each has been meticulously folded, scored and center point glued with a shape to complete a ready made hand built box. The boxes are empty inside. But ready for your fine creative treasure's. Conveniently each box is left "un-marked" by ecovintagevegan, allowing you to take claim for these little gifted wonders...and fill them with your own hand made candies or jewels.

This American style of folding paper, yields from the turn of the century, where lady folk congregated to make and reproduce these little boxes from post cards and birthday cards.

Certainly easy enough for everyone to assemble, but why? when I have done the work for you.

Priority Mail and/or Parcel Post in the U.S. only.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Vintage Rain Catcher

In this listing one original handmade metal rain catcher.

An item given to my father when he was a foreman for the Union Pacific Rail Road. Our family traveled on the rails from town to town and all over the Western states when I was a child. We lived on the aqua green "bunk car" which was my father office and the family home.

I don't recall a real elementary school until about the fourth grade, because we traveled on the cars during the spring and summer I would attend one room school houses shared with children of all ages and of Mexican and American Indian decent.

My father was gifted this "rain catcher" during those years. Honesty I have no idea how old it is. It hangs outside and when it rains the rain collects in the little cups for the birds to drink and play in.

It measures 18" tall to the top of the hanger, which loops easily over a gate or wooden fence. The widest portion at the bottom measures 17", the middle 13.5" and at the top arch 11".

Each animal has some remaining original paint, six assorted animals measure 5.5" wide and 3.5" tall. 9 remaining rain cups, 16 chime key holes/2 missing their keys. The garden ornament has rust and pitting in areas, but still many years of enjoyment for the new owner.

This "rain catcher" weighs just under 3 pounds and will be shipped Parcel Post in the United States, with insurance in a strong and sturdy card board box.